Sustainability in our organization

At String Furniture, we have a continuous and strategic approach to sustainability. Our overall objective is to constantly work to reduce our environmental impact as far as possible, and to take greater social responsibility. With the majority of our production in Sweden and with a timeless design we are convinced we are walking down the right path.

We measure sustainability based on three main criteria



    Social well-being

We always keep these in mind, and they permeate everything we do. Typical situations when our sustainability mindset is crucial is for example when choosing new suppliers and producers. It is important that not only we follow our guidelines, but also that everyone we collaborate with work with the same guidelines. We never jeopardise safety or health at any stage or in any department, under any circumstances. A major aspect of our sustainability work also involves fulfilling the current needs of people and society without risking future generations’ opportunities to fulfil their needs.

We take our customers’ concerns and wishes regarding sustainability and environmental work very serious, and they therefore affect everything we do – from the choice of supplier and materials to how we communicate and how we market our products. This results in sustainable products where function, form and quality are in focus. A sustainable range builds our brand and emphasises our respect and pride for our extensive and timeless designs. In collaboration with our suppliers, we ensure that effective and sustainable materials are used in all types of production.

An environmentally sustainable assortment

We have developed a requirement list of what we consider to be a good product. Everything produced by String Furniture should fulfil the following five parameters: form, function, quality, a fair price and sustainability. This requirement list guarantees that our customers can buy our products with confidence and always feel certain that our products live up to a high sustainability standard where the environmental footprint is as small as possible. It is important to us that our customers do not to have to choose between sustainability or style, or function or price.

In our mind sustainable products should not be more expensive. They should be accessible and represent an additional value. In order to obtain this, we must effectively utilize resources, design timeless products and create long-term relationships with our suppliers, which in the long run will ensure that we can supply our customers with products that are good value for money.

“Sustainability is central for us. We actively work towards offering a fully Möbelfakta certified assortment. 

This is part of our contribution in making the furniture industry a bit more sustainable.”

-Jonas Wetterlöf, CEO

We started the process of certifying products according to the Möbelfakta standard in 2017. The Möbelfakta certification is based on three main criteria: quality, environment and social responsibility. The process of getting one product approved is extensive and time consuming. Today, we are proud to be offering an assortment where the majority of the products are labelled with a Möbelfakta certification.

Read more about the certification on www.mö

Responsibility in our supply chain

At String Furniture we are proud of our supply chain and our supply chain partners. We share values and a long history of cooperation. The social risks are low, and our partners take their environmental responsibility serious.

It is part of our sustainability strategy to continuously improve the social conditions and minimize our environmental impact throughout our supply chain. We want human rights to be respected, labour standards to be high and the environment to be protected.

We seek to live up to this commitment by

    Producing and sourcing the majority of our products and materials locally

    Working with few suppliers based on long term relationships

    Having detailed transparency on social and environmental conditions

    Conducting systematic Due Diligence in our supply chain

    Working with our suppliers on improvements

In 2021 we had 40 direct suppliers of furniture or furniture parts. 35 suppliers were based in Sweden with most of them located very close to our own offices. 5 suppliers were based in China. 98% of our total volume was bought from Swedish suppliers. We have conducted business with the vast majority of suppliers for more than 10 years.

We also know the vendors and subsuppliers our suppliers use. Some of them are our neighbours, others Scandinavian or from other parts of Europe. They produce for example wooden boards and steel wires to our furniture producers or coating for our shelves.

Our preference for local sourcing and long-term relationships have always helped us having detailed knowledge of suppliers and products. Since we started to certify all relevant products with Möbelfakta in 2018, we have collected social and environmental information systematically.

In 2022 we extended our responsibility work in the Supply Chain by developing String Furniture guidelines for conducting Due Diligence in our Supply Chain according to the OECD due diligence guidance for responsible business conduct. We made a detailed social and environmental risk screening based on country of production, product type and production type for all parts of our supply chain, mapped our assessments against the risk screening and identified potential gaps. Based on the risk categorization and our assessments we defined focus initiatives with suppliers.

One overarching initiative is that we will start a systematic collection of an updated set of sustainability measures from our suppliers, for example conversion to renewable energy. This will help us and our suppliers to reduce CO2 emissions even more targeted.

The environmental standards in our supply chain are high. 69% of our suppliers have ISO 14001 certification for environmental management and are working with water and energy efficiency measures. 100% of our steel wires are made from recycled steel. All our wood is living up to the EU Timber Regulation preventing trade of illegally harvested timber with 68% of our wood being FSC certified and thereby documenting that it is sourced from sustainable managed forests with good social conditions. Important environmental focus areas are implementation of renewable energy at our suppliers, increased use of recycled materials and low impact chemicals.

The social standards in our supply chain are also high and driven by production in countries where general standards are high and overseen. 89% of our suppliers have signed our Supplier Code of Conduct, and we are prioritising social audits with regards to any supplier defined as high risk (this pertains to only 2% of our suppliers).

The String Furniture Due Diligence Guideline also includes updated guidelines for onboarding of new suppliers.